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New Plans

Shipping and Pricing

Up until the plan has been printed and shipped, you may cancel your order by calling 1-901-754-9874.  All sales become final at the moment they are shipped.

Ryan & Associates never releases its mailing list or any other information you send us, such as e-mail addresses, to anyone, for any reason, ever!

With Ryan & Associates, you get courteous service, a quality product, and free shipping!  You get fast, efficient turnaround because we process and ship every order FedEx 2-day within 24 hours of receiving you payment, excluding weekends and holidays.  With a single usage fee of .35 per square foot for everything under roof, you are licensed to build only one house.

About Our Plans

Your plan package will come with the details you need to build your new home. A typical set will include the following:

    1. Front rendering (if available)
    2. Floor plans with electrical layout and plumbing fixture locations
    3. Foundation plan
    4. Exterior elevations
    5. Building sections
    6. Kitchen and bath elevations
    7. Typical details

A description of materials is also included at no additional cost.   Where brick is shown on the floor plan as an exterior veneer, the square footage charts will include this area. Vaults and 2-story ceilings are not counted and stairs are only counted once.

If reverse plans are needed, we can send you one set mirror-imaged (backwards writing) and the remaining sets will come as they appear at this web site.   Many plans in this collection are drawn on CAD and available with forward writing when reversed.  If you select a CAD plan, all sets will be right reading at no additional cost.

Most of our plans are drawn with a slab foundation.  If a crawl space or basement is needed for your site, please order your plans by phone at 1-901-754-9874 and tell a representative of Ryan & Associates about the size of the basement and location of the stairs.  As with any plan changes you may need, an extra drawing fee will apply.  An engineer is required for all construction.

Building Codes

At the time of creation, our plans are drawn to meet or exceed the requirements of the Southern Building Code. Because codes and regulations vary widely across the country, Ryan & Associates cannot guarantee compliance with any specific codes and ordinances. The purchaser is responsible for meeting local codes and subdivision requirements that apply to your particular site.

Heating and air conditioning layouts are not included. Mechanical and plumbing codes vary, as well as local climate conditions, so a local contractor should be consulted for suitable systems.

Copyright Laws

Reproduction of any portion of our house plans is illegal. The drawings and designs are the property of Ryan & Associates and may not be copied, redrawn, traced or reproduced in any fashion without written permission. It is also illegal to copy home designs found in our plan book, on this web site, or a constructed home that is protected by copyright, even if you have never seen the plans for the home.  United States copyright laws allow for penalties of up to $100,000 per incident for infringement of the copyrighted plans.

After purchasing Blueline prints, you may build only one home from them. If additional sets are needed, they are available for up to 30 days after the initial order is shipped. Orders placed after that will be considered a new plan purchase.

These rights are granted exclusively to the buyer and the plans cannot be resold. After changes have been made by others to the drawings, Ryan & Associates is not liable for the resulting structure but does retain copyright ownership over any derivative.

About Us

Ryan & Associates is a residential design firm based in Memphis, Tennessee.  We are members of the American Institute of Building Design and have been in the house plan business since 1964.  Before picking up a pencil and T-square many years ago it all started by building homes.  The homes became so popular that other builders wanted us to design for them.  This construction experience has become an important key element to producing problem-free drawings.

Well, the T-square is probably in a museum somewhere and everything we do now is on CAD (computer aided drafting).  This means our plans and details are easy to read, accurate and to scale.  Our bread and butter work has been speculative homes for builders in the Mid-South area.  With this web site, our objective is to introduce to the rest of the country the homes that have become so popular in the Memphis area.

After reviewing the designs contained within, you will discover unique, exciting and creative plans that will work for your market too.  We have also designed many custom homes including one for both the previous and current mayors of Memphis and one for the current mayor of Shelby County, Tennessee.  Our custom homeowners have been more than satisfied.  We have done many new designs for previous customers who were ready to move up and wanted another Ryan & Associates home.  They appreciate the time we spend with them, listening to their needs and making their dreams come true.

Special note:  Some plans may not be available for purchase and construction in the Memphis, Shelby County area.